Lenten Fish Fry

Due to the huge increase in supply/demand costs, the Lenten Fish Dinners for 2023 have been canceled this year.

No Parish Fish Fry this Lent (a note from Father John)

After meeting with our social and fundraising committees, we have decided not to resume a Lenten Fish Fry in the parish. Although we had great success in the past the effectiveness of this event in the future poses more challenges than solutions. The inflated cost of the product and supplies has made it obvious that it would be very difficult to make a profit that would reflect the hard work and planning of the event. Fish used to be a low-cost commodity but in our economic climate today that is no longer true. After researching prices and availability of product we have decided to move away from this Lenten fund-raiser and concentrate on other fund raisers to support the parish mission. We have found that the shared fundraisers of the Cash Bash and monthly (raffle) tickets create a bigger profit than we have imagined with the fish fry in recent years. Our parish night at the races and burger bash events continue to be successful and allows for opportunities to gather and have “Fun” as well as raise funds. Finally, I believe that making Lent a more solemn focus, undistracted by the hard work of the fish fry, leads us better in the spirit of the season. I want to thank everyone who supports our annual fish fry, the leadership and the workers of the past.