Queen of Angels School

queen of angels school

     The QUEEN OF ANGELS Regional Catholic School, since it’s founding in 1992, has served the mission of providing Catholic School education for our area parishes.  Following upon the long and illustrious traditions of Immaculate Conception School and Saint Agnes School, Queen of Angels was established by the late Bishop Anthony Bosco to serve the needs of Immaculate Conception, Saint Agnes, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton and Saint Barbara Parishes (with Saint Edward in Herminie being included a few years ago).  These five parishes have responsibility for the school through their pastors, under the guidance of the Education Office of the Diocese of Greensburg.

After a number of building arrangements resulting from the Saint Agnes site being physically compromised, the former Norwin High School/Junior High School building at One Main Street was purchased in 2005 from the Norwin School District to serve as the Queen of Angels site.  It was dedicated in 2005 of that year by Bishop Lawrence Brandt as the Bishop Bosco Center (BBC), and is owned by the four parishes of Immaculate Conception, Saint Agnes, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton and Saint Barbara, becoming a part of our assets.

Queen of Angels provides a quality education in a family-centered environment, where an academically challenging curriculum and traditional Catholic values are tightly interwoven.  We are dedicated to helping children reach their full academic, spiritual, social, emotional and physical potential.  We see each student as a unique child of God.

Queen of Angels School offers programs for children from Pre-K through 8th grade.  If you would like more information on what Queen of Angels School can offer your child, please visit their website at www.queenofangelssch.org or call the school office at 724-978-0144 to arrange a personal meeting and tour the facilities.

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