Diocesan Lenten Appeal (DLA)


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Grow in the Lord
a message of faith
from Bishop Edward C. Malesic

As the Lenten season approaches, we are reminded that Jesus rejected the lure of fame, power and wealth when tempted by Satan and instead gave his life in service to others. He asks us to follow his example. Jesus used the parable of the sower and the seed to remind us that we must be good soil so that our faith in him may grow and multiply. Ultimately, we are called to produce good fruit for God by sharing our God-given blessings with others. This year, I am asking you to help our faith community Grow in the Lord through your generous stewardship.


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From our pastor, Father John:

Just like a plant needs sunlight, water and nutrients to grow, every Christian needs certain elements of faith in order to grow in the Lord. Hearing Him or reading His word is not enough. We have to believe it, obey it and apply it in our lives. Do you desire to grow in the Lord? During the Lenten season, we work to deepen our relationship with the Lord through prayer, fasting and almsgiving. With that in mind, the theme for this year’s Diocesan Lenten Appeal is Grow in the Lord.


I am deeply grateful for your continued support of our parish and diocese through your offertory contributions as well as your participation in the annual DLA. Your donations have helped to grow the impact of our parish missions and ministries. Thanks to you, we purchased audio visual equipment such as DVD players, flat screen monitors and Wi-Fi capabilities for the parish hall. Classroom dividers were purchased to section off Mack Hall into five class rooms for the formation of our elementary aged children. We were also able to develop the parishes Confirmation program (The Matthias Project) by funding the purchase of formation programing, retreats and workshops. The first year of the program saw 72 students, from the two parishes, confirmed by Bishop Malesic as the largest class in the diocese.


In addition to helping form our children in the Faith, this past year we were able to use your generous gifts to the DLA to paint the exterior trim of the church, and refurbish and restore the parking lot light stands. This year we need to complete the landscaping and sidewalk at the new Parish Center. We also plan to replace the carpeting in the narthex of the church since the roof and interior ceiling has been completed!


For you, and others like you who have been blessed by God, I am asking you to help our Diocese and our Parish by supporting the Diocesan Lenten Appeal with a gift. For your convenience, we have noted your generosity from previous years on the enclosed pledge card. If you like, your gift can be spread out over 10 months.


Your prayers and participation are always tremendously appreciated. Please join us, and Grow in the Lord.


Yours in Christ,



Rev. John A. Moineau