Diocesan Lenten Appeal (DLA)

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The Diocesan Lenten Appeal:  “A Campaign of Christian Service”

It is by no accident that when one examines the works for which are funded through the DLA it supports this Lenten Call to Christian Service! The monies returned to the parishes to fund programming, educations, charitable aid and even facility upgrades allow the parish service to continue and grow. The mission of Catholic education, diocesan ministries, development and formation of clergy, the works of Catholic Charities and other diocesan support highlights the Campaign of Christian Service.

So it is no accident that the Bishop’s appeal takes place during Lent and that our participation through prayer, fasting and almsgiving further the mission at the parish and throughout the diocese. The service of the Church in areas of education, evangelization, ministry to the sick, the lonely and the poor have always been the “Hallmark” of witnessing to Christ Cross and the Hope of the Resurrection.

This year’s theme “Open your heart to Hope” beg us to remember the promise of the kingdom and the good works that are to be done in and through the Church. Opening our Hearts to the virtue of Hope asks us to pray for the success of the mission of discipleship, to fast from a worldly focus of fulfillment and to give generously, in a financial manner, to support the mission for all to be gathered into the Hope of the Lord!

Your Pledge and support will make a difference!  The Diocesan and parish goal combined this year is $90,000 with $36,000 to return to the parish for the support of our mission. To have a successful campaign everyone must recognize that it is a shared effort and every members pledge matters. I know that not everyone can give the same but all of us must discern based on the gifts God has blessed us with and our desire to further the mission of service and hope here at the parish and the diocese. Your gift is necessary and will make a difference. Beyond the monetary value of your gift is the value of sharing in a cause of discipleship and self sacrifice.

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Thank you for your prayerful consideration to making this campaign and your Lenten journey a success this year! We are on a mission to spread the Good News of Christ for which we lace all our trust and love. It is in Him, through Him and for Him that our hearts will open in hope.

Our own Jennifer Henry is an example of how the DLA campaign helps to ensure that young people like Jen help to spread the Good News.  We are Seton Proud of Jen and others like her.   Click here to watch her story:   Jen Henry DLA 

Click here to donate online:  DLA 2019