I recently came across a pastor’s description of his parish on their website, and thought that it would serve as a reminder of our community of faith here in the Norwin Catholic Community of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish.  We are a Eucharistic community gathered around a table at which we are fed with the living word and the real presence of Christ in bread and wine.  Nourished at this table, we set out to create family among ourselves and to reach out to bring to this table any who want to be refreshed in the love that we have found here.  We are a community of imperfect people struggling to be perfect in Christ.

This table is set for those who have not attained sainthood and feel they need the presence of Christ to continue to grow into fully human, loving people.  This table is set for children who need to be nourished, protected, and loved so that they may grow into healthy, loving adults.  This table is set for the elderly who bring to us such wisdom and an opportunity to thank them in serving their needs for gifts they have given us.  This table is set for adults in stable marriages, struggling marriages, and broken relationships who need the support of this holy community to continue the struggle of life.  This table is set for singles, young and old, to encourage them to find a place in the larger family that is our parish.  This table is set for those who to the Lord’s invitation, “Come Follow Me,” want to respond “yes”.

A smiling face, an openness to others, attentiveness to the word of God, a sense of his presence, and a hope for a deeper relationship with him and his family are what you will hopefully find in the Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish Family.   I thought that this says it all.  I hope you agree.

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