Pray for your priests

In his Tweet of February 10th, Pope Francis reminded us of something very important, to pray for your priests.  He said   Let us pray for all good and faithful priests who dedicate themselves to their people with generosity and unknown sacrifices.”  You and I have known priests with a variety of traits – some good and some a little less than effective, some prayerful and some very worldly, some gung-ho and some worn out.  We are asked to pray for our priests not because they deserve our prayers but rather because they need our prayers.  In these days of scandal within the Church, of a growing lack of respect for anyone in positions of leadership and authority, and in these days of dwindling priestly vocations and manpower shortages, those prayers are definitely needed.  Thank you for your prayers

Our Vocations Office today announced the dates and numbers of men for a number of events regarding priesthood preparation: one man this Spring will be receiving Candidacy and entering Major Seminary, and later this year three men will be ordained transitional Deacons (moving on to Priesthood) and with God’s blessing will be ordained priests for the Diocese in 2015.  However, there are at least twenty priests anticipating retirement in the Greensburg Diocese just in the next five years.  Pray not only for your priests, but pray also for priestly vocations.

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