Whatever the weather

Even with Winter still a few days off, I am ready for Spring.  I especially dread the snow and ice or bad road conditions when we have people traveling for Masses or parish events.  Last Sunday when the snows started earlier than predicted, I was concerned.  I told the 11:00 am crew that I faced a dilemma – whether to be brief in my homily because of the weather … or to give what was planned so that no one would feel short-changed … or to preach longer so that the salt trucks could take care of the roads.  It ended up being a little less that what was planned, and our local salt truck did get to the lot before Mass was ended.  But I was still concerned


     As Winter descends upon us, I urge you to use common sense and to be cautious.  We have many elderly, and if the weather is dangerous to be out in the car or on foot, make your decisions accordingly.   I found the above picture on FB and it reminded me that no matter what the weather, though, we are called to the Cross and to worship the one who died upon that Cross.  Hopefully you can see the footsteps leading to the Jumonville Cross on the mountain outside of Uniontown.  I grew up seeing that Cross every day.  The picture was supplied by Cheryl Lynn Collins Faris.

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