The weekend of November 9 & 10 saw the parish visited by Mr. Jim Campbell, a young man from New Jersey who represents a missionary outreach entitled MISSION SANTA MARIA.  Jim told his story of visiting Ecuador on a mission trip following his graduate degree and encountering a group of Sisters who ran an orphanage as well as a school for poor and disadvantaged children in that nation.  Working with them for a brief period, he was moved by the need, the good work being accomplished, and surprised by the very limited funding underwriting this effort.  On returning home, he gathered a few of his friends and family members, and established a non-profit source of funding for Mission Santa Maria.  The proceeds help with food and clothing for the orphans and needy youngsters, as well as educational supplies and books for the school.  Invited by the Mission Office of the Diocese of Greensburg, Jim gave a great presentation at all three Masses and spoke to many people before and after Masses.  The result was a wonderful response in our second collection last weekend that amounted to $3,003.00, almost double last year’s Mission Co-op Appeal.  In the last five years, your response in the Mission Co-op Appeal has been just over $9,000 – monies that go out of the community to help others within the larger community of humanity and the family of faith.  God bless your generosity.

Further info on Mission Santa Maria can be found on their website: www.missionsantamaria.com  

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