Cathedral Dedication Anniversary

The 7th of October marks the date of the Anniversary of the Dedication of Blessed Sacrament Cathedral in the Diocese of Greensburg.  It is a special day of celebration, thanksgiving and prayer, not only for the Cathedral parish but for the entire diocese.  A Cathedral, our Cathedral, is the Mother Church of the People of God locally.  As such, it becomes the bishop’s Church – not his personally, but his in his role as spiritual father of the faithful of a given area.  The Diocese of Greensburg comprises the four counties of Westmoreland, Armstrong, Indiana and Fayette.  This Church bears its title – Cathedral – from the fact that it is from the bishop’s chair (cathedra), representing his teaching office and ministry, that the bishop shares the task of teaching, governing and sanctifying.

Blessed Sacrament began as a parish church established by the Benedictine Fathers and set aside by the Vatican when the Diocese was formed to serve as the Cathedral.  It is a grand, English gothic style structure that towers on the hill top of North Main Street in downtown Greensburg.  The parish goes back to 1789, and is a functioning parish was well as the center of worship for the Diocese.

On this dedication anniversary of this important building, pray for the Diocese of Greensburg, for our Bishop, Lawrence E. Brandt, for the Cathedral parish with Msgr. Raymond Riffle, their pastor.  And pray for our parish, which is an extension of the Mother Church, that unity and strength may be found in us.

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