A qualified success

     On Monday evening, September 30th, a small but grateful group of parishioners gathered to pray for the First Responders in our area, in thanksgiving for their dedicated service to the community at large.  This gathering was done within the context of a Mass known as a “Blue Mass” (so designated by the traditional color of police uniforms).  Our music ministry graced us with song, the prayers of the people were offered in faith, Father Len spoke of our gratitude for their efforts for the common good as well as our parish’s gratitude for their service in our times of need, and a relaxing reception followed in Mack Hall.  It was  a beautiful and important evening for our family.

Our First Responders were represented by Officer Bill Sombo and his canine partner.  Bill’s Mom and Dad are longtime parishioners and Mom was in attendance.  Unfortunately, the Mass conflicted with a training session for many, as well as work.  We had sent invitations to Rescue 8, seven police departments and thirteen fire companies.  We are truly sorry that more could not be with us.

     Our purpose was to pray for those who serve the community as First Responders which we did well.  We also wanted to honor them which we were able to do through Officer Sombo.  We also wanted to draw the attention of our parish family to these brave and selfless individuals, which we hope was accomplished.  To all involved, a big thank you. 

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