The Confraternity of Christian Mothers

     Our local Confraternity of Christian Mothers has been a longstanding and outstanding group of women from our parish.  They are “the” women’s group in the parish family.  They are set to begin the new year with their first meeting on Thursday, September 26th at 7:00 pm in Mack Hall.  This meeting will begin with a covered dish supper.

A new set of officers are creatively attempting to increase involvement and spur interest in the goals and work of the Christian Mothers.  Those officers are: Anita Poetain, President; Colleen Helander, Vice-President; Frances (“Frankie”) Nosich, Secretary; and Mary Ann stack, Treasurer.  Father Len serves as Spriritual Advisor.

The ladies are planning two upcoming events of importance.  On a spiritual note they are planning an afternoon of recollection at Saint Emma Retreat House in Greensburg on Sunday, October 20th beginning with lunch at 12:30 pm and ending in late afternoon.  This will be open to the entire parish.  And on Thursday, October 24th, they will host their always enjoyable Fall Card Party in Mack Hall beginning at 6:30 pm.  Watch the bulletin for details of both.

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