Bishop William MalesicWelcome to the Greensburg Diocese, Bishop-elect Edward Malesic

The Holy Father has appointed Father Edward C. Malesic, a priest of the Diocese of Harrisburg, as the fifth bishop of the Greensburg Diocese. Bishop-elect Malesic, 54, is pastor of Holy Infant parish. A press conference was held and can be found on the facebook page for the Diocese of Greensburg. Please pray for Bishop-elect Malesic and for the Diocese of Greensburg.  He will be ordained and installed on Monday, July 13, 2015.

 CPSL – Thank you to all of our volunteers who attended the CPSL (Child Protection Services Law) informational meeting. Our parish website, www.seasnh.org , and the Diocesan website, www.dioceseofgreensburg.org, have pages set up with links to each of the clearances and trainings. 
UPDATE –a recent email received from the Diocese indicates that Parishes who conduct a summer festival must require their festival workers to have their appropriate clearances and trainings. With that in mind, be advised that our Fish Fry volunteers will also be subject to these same clearances and trainings.  Lent is many months away, but if you will be volunteering  at the fish fry dinners, you will need to have this taken care of prior to Ash Wednesday.  
All regularly scheduled and substitute volunteers, including all Eucharistic ministers, lectors, ushers, adult & youth choirs, adult altar servers, Religious formation catechists and aides, Children’s Liturgy and anyone who has direct contact with children, are required by law to file for the required clearances and to complete  the required trainings.  Greeters and Fish Fry workers will also be required to complete the trainings and clearances, but were not included on the initial list.
Important Ministry Schedule info –  PLEASE NOTE – The new ministry schedule for July 1-August 2 has been issued. 
Jul 1 to Aug 2 – Greeters, Altar servers, Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, Cantors and Ushers .final.   With the recent changes to the CPSL (Child Protective Services Law) only those volunteers who have completed the six (6) requirements are scheduled.  Any volunteer who did not complete their CPSL requirements is no longer permitted to be scheduled or serve in their ministry, until all clearances and training certificates are turned into the parish office.  Reminder that if you are unable to serve your appointed time, please request a sub online, or for those without internet, contact Julie at the office. 
(Jun 1 to Jun 30 – Greeters, Altar servers, Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, Cantors and Ushers). Because it had to be done prior to the CPSL deadline, this schedule allows for the completion of the clearances and trainings.  Please be sure to complete and turn in your CPSL clearances and trainings as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact the office.  Thank you for your continued dedication and ministry – it is truly appreciated!
Child protection

 summer lunch program

With summer upon us, the children’s “Summer Lunch Tote” program is underway.  There are sign up sheets on the counter in the back of church for the months of July and August.  We are looking to have 100 tote bags for each of these summer months for the children whose families receive help from the Food Bank held in our Mack Hall.  Many of these children depend on the free/reduced price breakfast/lunch program during the school year. During the summer months, many go without these meals.
We are asking that you purchase a shopping tote bag (.99 in most stores) and fill it with nonperishable breakfast/lunch items such as cereal, pop tarts,  peanut butter, jelly, luncheon microwavable entrees, snack crackers, fruit cups, fruit snacks, jello, pudding, drinks, or any other items that you would like to include.  Please try to keep it as healthy as possible and remember that this tote is not intended to feed them for the whole month.  This is just a little extra for the child in that family.  Summer lunch totes bulletin board
You may sign up for as many totes and as many months as you can.  The Food Bank Distribution dates are July 11, and August 15.  Lunch totes will need to be in Mack Hall by Wednesday of the week prior to the distribution date.
Please be sure to use a shopping tote, and not a plastic bag as this makes it easier to distribute and for the children to carry.
Any questions, call the office and leave a message for Barb Jackson.  Many thanks to Barb and her group of volunteers for share in this ministry.
With the summer lunch program, we won’t need items for the regular lunch program until the fall.  Many thanks to all who donate to the lunch programs.

Diocesan Lenten Appeal – DLA:  “One Family of Faith”

DLA 2015

The parish is sincerely grateful to all who have responded to the Diocesan Lenten Appeal, which has wrapped up. Our total gifts is $62,675!!!!! We are most grateful! Our parish stands to receive over $13,000 to be used towards repaving the church parking lot.  Many thanks for your generosity.



Caring Friends Funeral Luncheon Committee – In the event of a parishioner’s death, the family may use Mack Hall to serve a luncheon after the funeral at no charge (donations are accepted). Our “Caring Friends” funeral luncheon committee assists the grieving family with the arrangements. They set tables, make coffee/tea, serve food, and clean up after the family has left. To check the availability of the hall, please contact the Parish office at 724-864-6364. If the hall is available, you will be instructed who to contact, and their committees will be able to make all the arrangements.  Volunteers are needed for this committee. Time commitment is minimal. If you are able to serve on the committee, contact Julie at the office or by email at jhenry2@dioceseofgreensburg.org.

+ + + + + + +


Seton Men’s Group – will meet on Saturday, July 11 at 8:00 am in the church for prayer time, followed by discussion/planning. All men of the parish are invited to attend.  For more information, contact Scott Benedict at 412.754.1849.


 Adoration – Join us on the 2nd Monday of each month for an hour of quiet prayer and Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament from 7:00-8:00 pm in the church.  PLEASE NOTE:  The next scheduled date in July has been moved to Monday, July 6 (moved up one week for this month only).


2015 Mass Intention Scheduling – Request forms & guideline policies are available on the counter in the back of church.   For further information and/or to print the forms, see the Parish Information Page.


catechist needed

Faith Formation News – Click here for information regarding the Faith Formation of our youth.  Faith Formation News

Day of Discernment – If you know of a high school student who might be considering the priesthood, please invite him to attend a Day of Discernment on Tuesday, July 7 from 10 AM to 7 PM at Greensburg Central Catholic High School. This day will include a variety of activities and prayer opportunities that can help a person to understand better God’s call in his life. Interested parties may contact Fr. Jonathan Wisneski at vocations@dioceseofgreeensburg.org or Fr. Tyler Bandura at tbandura@dioceseofgreensburg.org.
Human Trafficking: Modern day slavery has become an increasing hazard, not just in international circles, but on the streets of local cities.  A prayer and outreach group is forming this month to combat human trafficking.  As with the drug trade, it can hide in plain sight while it corrupts young and old.  Please join efforts to pray and to promote awareness and educational resources for this issue.  Help us to come to the aid of those in need of hope.  For more information, contact Mary Ellen at 724-552-2605 or writing to mpellegrino@dioceseofgreensburg.org .


Have you been attending Mass here at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Church and would you like to officially register as a parishioner?  Our registration form can be found here: Parish Information .  If you have had any changes to your family such as a mailing address, email, or  phone number, changes can be made on the Parish Information page.

queen of angels school

Queen of Angels School – click here to read more about what’s happening at our school, Queen of Angels.

Our Military Members –  Due to recent ISIS threats to military members and their families, we will no longer be listing our Military members on the website.  We will however, proudly display our Military member board in church and we will continue to pray for them and all service men and women.  We thank them and all men and women in the military for their service, and pray for their safety.  If you have a family member who is serving in the military and would like to include them on our Military board, please send their name, branch of service, rank, where they are stations and a photo to Julie at the Parish Office.  Thank you to Michele Fucich, for keeping our board updated and for sharing your talents, and to all of our military families – THANK YOU!!!

Deacon Jeff
Congratulations to our parishioner Jeff Cieslewicz who was ordained a permanent Deacon on Saturday, June 13th.  Ordination of Rev. Mr. Jeff Cieslewicz
Chez group photo

What an awesome sight during Young Voices Choir practice.

What an awesome sight during Young Voices Choir practice.

+ + + + + + + +

Parish Census Information: Do you attend Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish, but not receive mailings or envelopes or the newsletter?  have you officially registered as a parishioner?  As we work to update our records, anyone over the age of 18 should be registered as an adult, even if you are still living at home with your parents.  If you have an adult child who is no longer living in the area and has already registered at their new parish, please let us know.  In our ongoing process of trying to update our records, we are checking on “adult” children who are listed under their parent’s information.  Letters are being sent to families who have adult children listed (some of these ‘children’ may even be in their 30’s!) We ask that if you receive a letter, please return it promptly to the parish office.  Many thanks!

Stewardship – Sharing of our time, talent, and treasures

Sharing of our time & talents:  Looking for a ministry that needs volunteers?  Check out the newly updated Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish Ministry Opportunities list and sign up to share of your time and talents in one of our ministries.  Click here for the  Ministry list.

Sharing our treasures:  Our parish has bills to be paid and a budget to keep, just as you do with your household.  If you are a registered member and attending Mass, you should be receiving offertory envelopes.  We depend on your donations to keep our parish bills paid.  If you are not receiving envelopes, please contact Roseann at the office.   For those of you who would like to make your donations electronically, consider our Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).  Forms are available in the back of church or you can click here for a copy of the registration form. EFT 2015 Sign Up Forms

Traveling ? Mass Times: a Ministry for traveling Catholics – find a Catholic Church wherever you travel.  Don’t forget that while you are away, your home parish is still having to pay it’s bills.  Sign up for EFT so that your contribution will be made even when you’re not here.

Did you know the Diocese of Greensburg is now officially on Facebook and Twitter?  Check it out along with our Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Page!

  If you have any suspicion about the sexual abuse (or any other type of abuse) of a minor child by anyoneplease contact PA Childline immediately at  1-800-932-0313.  If the alleged abuser is functioning in a parish, school or diocesan position as clergy, religious, paid staff or volunteer you are also requested to contact the Bishop’s Delegate for Matters of Sexual Misconduct after you have called the Childline number and made the report.  The Bishop’s Delegate may be reached at 724-837-0901, Ext. 1221.

Daily Readings        Saint of the Day



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St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish was born to serve the needs of our ever-growing faith community. We are spirit-filled, hardworking people, baptized into the Family of God and called to ministry. We gather together to worship, to spread the Gospel Message of Peace, to respond to the needs of all and to love one another. We pledge to become more spiritually alive as a parish, Inspired, Motivated and Challenged by the love of Jesus Christ.

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